Nov 26: What's Your Story? Matt Pfeil

John: Authentic Belief

Nov 19: John 20:24-29, Arnie Guin
Nov 12: John 20:19-23, Arnie Guin

Nov 5: John 20:11-18, Arnie Guin

Oct 29: John 20:1-10, Arnie Guin

Oct 22: OktoberFast, Arnie Guin

Oct 15: John 19:38-42, Arnie Guin

Oct 8: John 19:28-37, Arnie Guin

Oct 1: John 19:17-27, Rich Oppedisano

Sept 24: John 19:1-16, Arnie Guin

Sept 17: John 18:28-40, Arnie Guin

Sept 10: John 18:15-27, Arnie Guin

Church Inside Out

Sept 3: The Loving Church, Arnie Guin

Aug 27: Missional Church, part 2, Arnie Guin

Aug 20: Missional Church, part 1, Arnie Guin

Aug 6: The Pastoral Elder, Arnie Guin

July 30: Discipleship, Matt Pfeil

July 23: Worship, Rich Oppedisano

July 16: The Body, Dave Martinke

July 9: Spiritual Gifts, Kevin Wright

July 2: Leadership, Arnie Guin

June 25: Biblically-Saturated, Arnie Guin

June 18: Father's Day, Arnie Guin

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The word worship is derived from the word “worth,” so to worship something means to give it worth or value. That’s why it’s so easy to worship things instead of God – things like the Buffalo Bills, the Beatles, money, romance, or even ourselves. But more than anything else, God has complete “worth-ship” (Isaiah 2:8-11). There are many ways we can give God worth; we can serve Him with our lives, come to Him in sincere prayer, honor Him with our finances, or lift our voices in praise like we do in church. Worshipping God always involves taking the spotlight off ourselves (John 3:30) and focusing on Jesus (Hebrews 12:2). This is why we join together on Sunday, connecting to Christ by worshipping the One who is worthy (Revelation 4:11).

Currently, we do not distribute recordings of our worship however you may download mp3s of the original artists and listen on your own if you like. See a list of the songs we sing here.

If you would like to be involved with worship team or a sound, projection, or video tech team, please e-mail Rich Oppedisano at