1) Will there be a Search Committee? 

Yes, a search committee has already been established to search for a new Senior Pastor, with the members announced on June 9, 2019

2) How large and who will be on the Search Committee? 

Per our church constitution, a search committee is formed after the resignation of the Lead Pastor and shall be representative of the congregation at large. As such, the Elders have appointed the following people: Linda Christiano; Nancy Cliff; Jon Dalbo; Josh Gibson; Dave Martinke; Katie Trenda; Cory Vincent

3) What steps are taking place prior to the Search Committee searching? 

The Elders have already taken steps to hire an interim pastor to the fill the gap between Pastor Arnie’s last day (June 19) and the hiring of the next Lead Pastor. Also, in conjunction with the Search Committee, a Lead Pastor job description, questionnaire, and Cornerstone Church/Community profile are being created

4) How will the Search Committee seek candidates for Senior Pastor? 

The Search Committee will use various resources to seek candidates, such as local leads/discussions, our North American Baptist Affiliation, Christian Job posts, etc. The committee would evaluate these candidates and provide recommendations to the Elders

5) How will the Search Committee evaluate candidates?

They will conduct preliminary phone interviews, contact references, review sermon videos, request questionnaires to be answered, potentially visit them where they are and/or invite them to our church for a weekend evaluation


1) Would we consider multiple candidates for consideration?

The Search Committee will review multiple candidates but only one candidate will be recommended for consideration at a time

2) Once a recommended candidate is considered, then what? 

The Search Committee would provide a candidate for consideration to the Elder Board. If approved by the Elders, a candidate would then come for a weekend to preach and have face to face meetings with the Elders, Staff, etc. There would be opportunity for the Elders, staff and the congregation to interact and ask questions of the candidate

3) How do we decide on a candidate to become our Senior Pastor? 

Per our church constitution, once a candidate has been identified and recommended by both the Search Committee and Elder Board, a congregational vote will take place. The calling of a Lead Pastor is considered an extraordinary item, so a voting quorum of 2/3rds of the church’s active membership is required, with an 80% affirmative vote needed to approve the candidate

4) Following congregational vote and approvals what happens if the candidate says No? 

The Search Committee will proceed to look for another candidate

5) Who would determine the salary for the new Senior Pastor? 

All staff compensation is approved by the Elders and is part of the church budget approved by the membership. The church budget was recently approved (May 19, 2019) by the membership with Pastor Arnie’s compensation amount remaining in place. The elders believe this compensation will be adequate for our next pastor

6) How long does it take to find a new Senior Pastor? 

This is unknown really. However, most likely it will take between 6-15 months


1) Now that Pastor Arnie has left, will there be any changes to current staff or staff roles? 

The Elders believe that it would be best to have staff continue in their current role. The Elders have recently hired Jon Schuerholz as our interim, “Transitional Director/Pastor” to assist with the transition. We are also making plans for pulpit fill for the duration of the transition

2) How has this whole transition process been determined? 

We have been following our church’s constitution, which can be found at our church website by clicking on “Menu”, then “About Us”, then “Spiritual Foundations” then scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Constitution”. Our constitution is our approved methodology that provides the standards/guidelines for how we as a church are to operate in certain situations

3) What is happening now that Pastor Arnie has left? 

The elders interviewed 2 candidates and decided to hire Jon Schuerholz as the interim, transitional director/pastor, and he will start on July 16. The chairman of our Elder board has been attending staff meetings, and we have scheduled pastors/staff/elders to preach on Sundays through July 28

4) Does the interim pastor position need to be approved by the congregation? 

No, the interim pastor was chosen and approved by the Elders

5) How long will an interim, Transitional Director/Pastor be assisting us? 

Our hope would be until we can hire our next Lead Pastor. If this does not occur, the Elders will keep the church apprised of next steps